The Janitor Bodhisattva

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I️ went into the bathroom in Norfolk to do my business. And as I️ was sitting in the stall, I️ heard the janitor talking to another guy.

He was asking him about his day, asking him where he’s flying, etc. He took genuine interest in what the man had to say. When the man asked him how he was, he said “blessed as always”. He went on to tell the guy that he was retired military but doing this job just to keep him busy. And that he loves meeting people. His biggest complaint was that the young people he works with don’t take pride in their work.

This was a lesson in mindfulness to me. This guy who is cleaning toilets - by choice - takes tremendous pride in it.

When I️ came out of the stall he greeted me, said again that he was blessed and told me that he hopes I️ didn’t feel rushed to finish up since he was cleaning.

Talking to this guy gave me a tingly feeling. Like I️ really wish I️ was that happy and could take such joy in the mundane. That’s something to work on. </p>

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