My friend and I went to Temple last night. It was a pretty cool place to be on a Friday night. Who would have ever thought I’d be at “church” on a Friday rather than out drinking?

One of the things I discussed with a guy after the meeting was the Lay Precepts. And I wanted to list these just for my own reflection.

  • Respect life – Do not kill
  • Be giving – Do not steal
  • Honor the body – Do not misuse sexuality
  • Manifest truth – Do not lie
  • Proceed clearly – Do not cloud the mind
  • See the perfection – Do not speak of others' errors and faults
  • Realize self and other as one – Do not elevate the self and blame others
  • Give generously – Do not be withholding
  • Actualize harmony – Do not be angry
  • Experience the intimacy of things – Do not defile the Three Treasures

I especially need to focus on “see the perfection”. I don’t want to talk smack about anyone. It’s a bad habit that has followed at least 3 generations of my family. And it’s time to break it.

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