The Lord’s Prayer

5 minute read

The AA group I am in is called “Open Minded Mens”. I’d say about half of the group is LGBT. And the majority is non-religious. Visiting a group on the East Coast, obviously they are very devoutly Christian, so it was an interesting experience. [ Read More... ]

Peace With Every Step

1 minute read

I’ve known about Buddhism since college. But I haven’t been good at practicing. It made me feel spiritual to call myself Buddhist but I wasn’t living the Dharma. The last few weeks I’ve really been making an effort to live my practice. Like many other people, I’m constantly distracted. Stressed....[ Read More... ]

Week 3

1 minute read

Tonight was my third Monday meeting. I really like the guys I’ve started hanging with. Tonight they drug me to Target with them after dinner and it was a lot of fun. I’m glad I went. [ Read More... ]

Step Zero

1 minute read

Today marks two weeks sober. And this week I will formally begin Step 1 with my sponsor. For a homework assignment, ask yourself the following questions: (1) Do you want what we have?  In fact, ask yourself, what is it that we have?  What is it that you want to...[ Read More... ]

Buddhist Recovery Week 2

1 minute read

To supplement my AA meetings, I’ve been going to the local Buddhist temple to their recovery meetings. This week I arrived on time and sat in the front. But I still didn’t speak. [ Read More... ]

First date sober

1 minute read

I mentioned in my first post that my catalyst to stop drinking was my 10 year high school reunion. I didn’t elaborate. But let’s just say I was a complete mess and this love interest showed up and took care of me and got me home safe. Terrible first impression....[ Read More... ]


less than 1 minute read

I’ve known since college Buddhist Philosophy class that meditation and mindfulness is the way to go. That meditation is the way to end the suffering. But until recently I’ve never actually worked on developing a spiritual practice. [ Read More... ]

Joining the Great We

3 minute read

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable. For me, I was tired of waking up the next morning, wondering what embarrassing shit I had done the night before. For many others, they had DUIs, arrests and other life altering things. Starting This Journey...[ Read More... ]