First date sober

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I mentioned in my first post that my catalyst to stop drinking was my 10 year high school reunion. I didn’t elaborate. But let’s just say I was a complete mess and this love interest showed up and took care of me and got me home safe. Terrible first impression.

By some miracle, despite the PDA and sloppiness of that night, he wanted another date with me. But he went out of town for a week first. So tonight was our first first date.

I decided to be completely myself. Not the person I think someone wants me to be. Not “cool”. Just me. And it went well.

Most of my dates have revolved around alcohol or bars. This one was an exception.

First we ate Vietnamese. He had never had it before. He didn’t seem that thrilled but seemed to like that it’s my favorite restaurant.

Next we went to walk around the mall. He jokingly asked if we’re in high school and I said yes. We had a bit of time to burn before our movie so we got Starbucks and just sat and talked.

I decided to be honest. And tell him about my decision to go sober. That he was even the catalyst for it. That as much as I regret our sloppy first meeting and wish it hadn’t happened, if it hadn’t happened I probably wouldn’t have decided to make a change. So everything happens for a reason.

Finally we went to buy tickets for our movie. The one we wanted to see was cancelled due to technical issues, so we ended up seeing The Foreigner with Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. Action isn’t usually my genre of choice, but this movie was exceptional.

The date ended with a hug. And I think there will be another one soon.

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