Buddhist Recovery Week 2

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To supplement my AA meetings, I’ve been going to the local Buddhist temple to their recovery meetings. This week I arrived on time and sat in the front. But I still didn’t speak.

The Buddhist group definitely attracts a more eclectic crowd. But I appreciate the meditation and the fact that it’s more of a step study than just an open forum. Today the 20 minutes of meditation was a lot easier.

They are currently on Step 10

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

I’m not there yet. I’m still on Step 1. But I figure it can’t hurt. The lady leading the meeting spoke about how she sees herself as a compassionate and thoughtful person. But someone told her that she’s very critical. And it ruined her week.

I can relate to that. I’m a recovering perfectionist. I used to be crazy about doing everything perfect. Top grades at school. Top performance at work. I’ve calmed down a little. But I still react very defensively when someone gives me criticism. I’m working on hearing them before reacting. And taking it constructively. But it’s not an easy process for me.

My meditation book Mindfulness in Plain English was talking about this too. When someone gives us feedback or criticism. And it gets to us. There is probably some truth in it. Otherwise why would we have such a strong reaction?

This is something I’m going to continue to work on.

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